About Us



Yiyang International Freight Limited was established on June 13, 2014. It is an enterprise specializing in international logistics and international trade and other related international freight forwarding services. After years of continuous development, the company has successively set up branches and warehouses throughout the country such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Zhejiang, and Guangzhou; at present, the company can deliver goods to countries around the world. Long-term cooperation with China-Europe Express, Central Asia Express, and Sino-Russian Express Platform Companies to provide customers with safe, convenient, and assured international freight forwarding services. Yiyang International Freight is an established logistics and trade service provider with many years of cross-border logistics Experience can not only provide rich and high-quality logistics channels, but also provide personalized logistics services to satisfy customers. Adhering to the purpose of the company at the beginning of its establishment, all the staff of Yiyang will wholeheartedly provide quality services to each partner. What we pursue is not only commercial benefits, but also a win-win situation in every aspect of the standardization of operating procedures and the humanization of customer service.