The 18th China International Logistics Festival was held to promote the high-quality development of logistics supply chain

 Release time : 2023-06-21  Number of views : 34

he 18th China International Logistics Festival and 2023 Airport Economy and Air Rail Water Intermodal Transport Smart Supply Chain Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "18th China International Logistics Festival"), organized by the China Association of Transportation and Communications, was held in Langfang, Hebei from May 29th to 31st.

Hu Yadong, President of the China Transportation Association and former Vice Minister of Railways, stated in his opening speech that in the context of expanding domestic demand and boosting consumption, the transportation and logistics industry is facing significant development opportunities. Based on the new stage of development, the high-quality development of logistics requires a rapid transformation of the development mode, from pursuing quantity to pursuing quality, from pursuing speed to pursuing efficiency, and from pursuing products to pursuing quality and brand, continuously improving the level of logistics networking, collaboration, standardization, digitization, intelligence, greening, and globalization.

Wang Ming, director of the Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that China and the world have entered a critical period of industrial operation mode reform. In order to maintain the safe and stable operation of the industrial chain Supply chain security, we must accelerate the innovation of modern industrial organization mode with the goal of coordinated development of the industrial chain supply chain, better serve the economic cycle, and accelerate the development of modern organizational industrial mode, Promote the digital and large-scale development of regional logistics "hubs+channels+networks" in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency, expand radiation, and enhance value.

Wang Ming suggests that the construction and development of the modern logistics system during the 14th Five Year Plan should focus on four major aspects. One is to accurately focus on the key directions of modern logistics development, the second is to accelerate the cultivation of new driving forces for modern logistics transformation and upgrading, the third is to deeply tap the potential of key areas of modern logistics, and the fourth is to strengthen the support system for modern logistics development.

This logistics festival strives to explore the full link path of the industrial chain supply chain through the large-scale exhibition exchange platform, play a key role in building a "strong chain", improve the Supply chain resilience resilience and safety level of the industrial chain, and help to achieve high-quality development in all areas of the logistics supply chain.

The theme of this China International Logistics Festival is "Big Commerce, Big Logistics, and Big Platform", with an exhibition area of 15000 square meters and five distinctive professional exhibition areas. During this China International Logistics Festival, the 12th China Express Development Conference, the 2023 China Urban Logistics and Supply Chain Annual Conference, the "Opportunities and Future of High Speed Rail Express in the New Era" symposium, and the Food Supply Chain Roundtable Seminar will also be held